The Junior Leaders is the newest course available to Air Cadets. A pioneering course, it is a personal development course aimed at older cadets. If you're a senior NCO and over 17, you might like to check out the ACO website (See links page) to see if you're eligible. If you're thinking of joining the Air Cadets - here's something to look forward to!

Where else can you run a full section assault with Helicopter Fire Support ?

The information here is a broad overview of how the Junior Leaders course
is run. With each successive course, changes are made to the syllabus
and schedule.

The course runs in two phases. The first phase, 'Core Skills' is aimed at developing basic skills which the student will use for the rest of their life. It includes lectures on degree level management, life skills, the services (Royal Air Force, Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines), L85 weapon handling, interview skills, social skills, public speaking, project management, CV writing, elementary infantry tactics, fitness and teamwork.

The next stage is "Field Leadership" (FL). During this second phase the students have the chance to use their skills in 'real life' scenarios, with days and nights spent in the field in a highly realistic environment. Students are coached at all times by our regular and ex-regular infantry Officers who have served in the RAF and the British Army. At this level students are required at a minimum to be capable of leading their section (8 people) efficiently and competently.

The course culminates in a week long graduation camp. The students will be tested in a full 6 day scenario, living in the field. All students will have a six hour long section level lead. The best students will experience full flight (32 people) or squadron level leads (60 people). Students are responsible for their supplies and must request what they need from the QM team. The graduation camp serves as the ultimate test of the skills the student has learned over the previous months. It finishes with a formal dining in night in an Officers Mess attended by AOC TGDA who is an Air Vice Marshal, Commandant Air Cadets, Chief of Staff Air Cadets, Senior Officers from the RAF Regiment, The Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines, Regional Commandants and some ATC Wing Commanders.

On completion of the course, graduates are awarded the JL Lanyard to wear on their uniform and the prestigious JL DZ flash to be worn on the Soldier 95 uniform.


Three one-week Courses are held at CTC for the highest calibre cadets, of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) , Army Cadet Force (ACF) and Air Training Corps (ATC) . Each Course has 120 places and focuses on leadership training and assessment. Each July the Army Cadet Force (ACF) runs 3 one-week leadership courses for male and female cadets from the ACF, ATC, CCF and SCC at their Cadet Training Centre near Camberley, Surrey. Each year the best ATC or CCF (RAF) cadet completing the course will be awarded the Kriegie Trophy. The aim of the course is to develop initiative and self-reliance and to exercise cadets in the problems of practical leadership.

This is a strenuous course demanding a high degree of physical fitness, therefore, Sqn Cdrs are required to certify, on the application form, that the cadet has passed the fitness test (ie has run 1½ miles in 11 minutes for males or in 12½ minutes for females). On arrival, cadets will have to repeat this standard and complete 30 press-ups (males) or 15 (females). Cadets who are unfit will be sent home without completing the course.



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